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Moon Shadow learns about the demons' dressing habits through all this laundry handling. He thinks things like petticoats are hilarious. Moon Shadow feels safe with his father, whom he believes to be a "superior man" 4. He remembers the one tense encounter they had on delivery where some demon boys threw stuff at them in the wagon and cursed at them.

Windrider whispered for his son to sit confidently. One day Windrider and Moon Shadow meet Mr. Alger, a stranger by the side of the road with a busted horseless carriage. Windrider pulls over Red Rabbit and the wagon and offers the man his help. Windrider figures out what is up with the motor. When Mr. Alger offers him some money, Windrider refuses it. Impressed, Mr. Alger gives Windrider his card, saying that he could use "honest handymen" 4.

Moon Shadow reads Mr. Alger's business card, so we learn his name is Oliver and he is in real estate.

Windrider uses this exchange as an example of how machines provide a way of communicating without the trip-ups of verbal language. Windrider likens his handiwork with the horseless carriage to his surgery on the Dragon King: his hands just know what to do. Moon Shadow wonders whether the encounter with Mr. Alger was a test of the Dragon King. Windrider studies the demons' newspapers and magazines extra hard after meeting Mr. Moon Shadow not only has to learn two languages English and Mandarin Chinese but also two sets of time, two calendars. Moon Shadow wants to improve his Chinese skills so he can write to Mother and read her frequent letters.

Grandmother complains that they have started to spend more money on letters since Moon Shadow's arrival in America. Moon Shadow writes his first lines to Mother and Grandmother in November After receiving one of her letters, Moon Shadow feels bad for neglecting his family in China, realizing that he has all but forgotten what his life was like there. He thinks of his mother memorizing his father's letters, and misses her.

Windrider shows Moon Shadow the January 17, edition of the New York Herald , announcing that demons have flown an aeroplane. Demons, the Wright brothers, po-tay-to, po-tah-to. He decides that he could fly, too. Uncle and White Deer play Chinese chess, or go, downstairs. Uncle doesn't believe the news about the Wright brothers. He sits in his throne at the table so the Company knows not to argue with him. Melon Head, a fellow laundryman from Oakland, visits and tells the Company about some Baldwin demon who floated in the winds with a canvas bag full of air called the California Arrow 4.

Baldwin is testing his device to race it at some big fair. Uncle Bright Star is upset by this news; he sees all these accounts of flying as bullsugar. It was purchased in Germany, but the book was in English. It apparently is the second or third in a detective series. I think the cover was red and gold, possibly with a bird on the front which would be the gold color. If anyone has any idea on what book this could be, I would be eternally grateful for the title so I can read the rest of the series! Trying to remember the book Submitted by Seth Herron not verified on October 11, - pm.

I read it when I was in elementary school, but it was about a girl who gets stuck on africa, she talks about the heat a lot and how the sun makes her skin like leather and she eats figs and adapts. She maybe gets rescued and learns to work on the ship and starts drinking her coffee black and starts to prefer it that way. The rest is a blur. I know that this was over a year ago, but try the book Golden Urchin.

The Book of Enoch

Even if its not, its definitely my all time favorite and I would highly recommend it :. I can't remember the title of this book from long ago Submitted by Angelo Devenecia not verified on October 11, - pm. Okay so the history I have with this book is, that I remember reading it back in middle school around I think it had the protagonist on the cover with a tree and a raven or something like that, I think it had the title of "Raven," but there's to many raven books on the internet.

Anyways, I think it was a mystery book, something for teens if anything. So, from what I remember is, that there was this word "phosphorous" or something like that. That the someone or the protagonist question these crackers that were given to him that contained something like that, and something about it being made from urine or something.

Section I. Chapters I-XXXVI

Now I think about it, I think I recall that these crackers, when eaten, allows you to see some like of UV light or something, I don't remember. So anyways stuff happens and what not, that beings a clue mystery thing, if I can recall. Maybe some adult helping the protagonist, and some raven, I don't remember. But I do remember the ending where he is confronted with a-I assume a female villain that gives him a riddle of where to find his parents around this mansion they were at.

But he was given a time limit for something. Either it was this item everyone in his group was trying to find-if there was a group, that if he didn't figure it out in time, they'll die and he has to give up this item. That or she or the villain-could be a he, gets away, not being willingly caught from the bargain that was given out from either the boy or villain. Anyways, he was running out of time or lost the game, but realizes the riddle given to him. So he goes outside somewhere on the mansion grounds and digs up his parents and release them from a coffin or transparent glass coffin.

I don't remember.

Will Graham: My Grandfather’s Best Advice

But it was the start of his journey for sure and the adult man helping the kid out. I serious think he was helped by a man. Anyways, that's all I can go on. Hope I can get my answer. Name of the book Submitted by May not verified on October 12, - am. Her older sister I think was anorexic. The girl would blame herself for not saving her sister.

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Her parents thought her sister had problems, so her sister would have to go to therapy. While in therapy, her sister would lie and makeup her stories and not take her meds. Her sister liked this boy that were their friends. This boy and the girl later in the story coped together about the sister death. Need to find this book! The books main characters were monsters and it was ultimately about self esteem.

On the inside cover of the book there was a map. This is all I remember, if you have any recollection of this book or know the title. Please do not hesitate to speak up! THank you. Either way when she was 15 she had to get surgery on her breasts due to her likelihood of getting breast cancer. Due to that she feels less like a woman. Fast forward and she has to get a hysterectomy now and she feels even less like a woman now. Kids book Submitted by Melissa not verified on October 12, - pm. The girls mother is busy cleaning the house and she wants to play. The mom ends up dressing up as someone and the name of the book is Mrs.

Gigglebelly Submitted by Rosemary not verified on April 24, - pm. Can't find this book Submitted by Ranny Belmondo not verified on October 12, - pm.

Gentlehands by M.E. Kerr

I remember reading this book in 6th grade. From my memory, it is about a boy who's got an older brother, little sister, mom, and I forgot if the dad was there. I don't remember too much but all I can remember is that the family went on a road trip and the two brother would fight over who would have the little sister's head on whose lap when she lied down on their laps in the car.

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  3. Romeo and Juliet.
  4. They didn't want the little sister's head on their laps because she drooled when she slept. Another thing I remember is that the two brothers trespassed and were swimming in a lake that was off limits.