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James E. Over at Calling Caldecott this week, guest poster Autumn Allen wrote about it. He discusses why he sees them as companion books; what they have to do with The Tao of Physics and miniature paintings; and how Twitter can spawn a poem. Or two. I thank him for visiting today.

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Fortunately, in their visit today they talk more about that and share some process images. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast a blog about books.

And today here at 7-Imp are some spreads from the book. Vol 11, Issue , Harvey A. Goldstein and more Journal of Planning Education and Research. Intervening in the Learning of U.

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    Curtis, P. Rammell announces more money for Africa. Like all magic shows: it is interactive. Six Impossible Things could not happen without audience participation. The show needs the audience in order to happen.

    6 Impossible Things that are totally possible POSTERS by Gerald Ealy — Kickstarter

    And Six Impossible Things is different every single night, which is something that many immersive and interactive productions strive for but often never quite reach. And if you go and you should go , do make sure you pay attention the first time around, because this show does not allow repeat visitors. That initial moment of surprise can never be recreated. And due to the size of the show, the creators would like as many people as possible to experience it, which I heartily applaud. Six Impossible Things is sold out through ; tickets are on sale now for the March 22—May 12, run.

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