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Joseph St. Paul St. The Kingdom of the Divine Will a page compendium of Luisa's writings including:. Joseph Iannuzzi, an expert on the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, now brings to us even greater clarity on these writings as Proper Catholic Perspectives of the Divine Will is a tresure of wisdom that readers will find priceless in their desire to totally embrace the theology of the Divine Will.

Iannuzzi, STD, PhD Amidst the dark and turbulent times in which we are living, the prophetic voice of Pope John Paul II has assured us again and again that we are living in the pre-dawn darkness of a bright new day and has urged us to renew our hope in "the definitive coming of the Kingdom of God" Tertio Millenio Adveniente.

The fruit of exhaustive and painstaking research, Fr. Iannuzzi's book helps us peer into two thousand years of reflection on the prayer which the Lord Jesus commanded us to pray together with Him. And still more, it presents us with convincing evidence that the day when this prayer will be answered is near at hand. To listen, click here. The answer to the above question is yes, and to find out who is the real enemy of the Catholic Church.

Proper Catholic Perspectives on the teachings of Luisa Piccarreta

The enemy of the Church is Freemasonry. Masons have applied these principles of infiltration and operating in stealth, and hiding in the weeds, as well as in plain sight against the Church for the last several centuries. The barbarian is inside the gates. They have had enormous influence without the general population knowing their plans, and with clergy thinking they are some sort of boys club driving go karts for sick children, and wearing funny looking hats.

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It is a profound lack of understanding of spiritual warfare and knowing how to fight your enemy that enables them to operate so efficiently. What is its origin?


Was there an agenda? Is it a conspiracy theory? Is this the thinking of a disordered mind who believes this, or worse perpetrates a deceptive agenda like this on an unsuspecting public? It is a topic worthy of consideration. It is not heavily talked about for two main reasons. Father Malachi Martin, in his novel of historical fiction, Windswept House , tells the story of a priest by the name of Gladstone who is summoned to the Vatican.


Father Gladstone is an amalgam of a man from a wealthy Galveston, Texas home. If he were at a cocktail party or dinner, Gladstone by virtue of his presence and savoir-faire a person who knows what to do in almost any circumstance would command the room. He is the type of person who can walk by a chess game between friends, look at the board for a second or two, and tell the friend to move the rook, take the knight, freezing the king.

He is now in Rome meeting with the pope. Passing pleasantries, the pope then tells him the reason for the meeting.

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The reigning pope asks him to find out the intentions of these one world order people, the titans running the global show of power that the pope knows is anti-church. The pontiff knows they are evil men doing diabolical things. Father Malachi Martin clearly understood the battle way in advance of others, and while alive, he was arguably the most controversial priest in the world.

When Fr. Malachi Martin died, the title then went to Father Gruner who wrote on all things Fatima, and the diabolical forces in the world looking to undermine the Church. Both had many things in common. But, both knew above all, how Masonry had infiltrated inside the Church and was blocking what heaven was asking of mankind. You become an immediate threat to the establishment, and they will go to any extreme to discredit you. Both Father Martin and Father Gruner died believing the Consecration of Russia was not done by the Church, as it was asked by the Blessed Mother, in unison with all the bishops of the world — specifically mentioning Russia by name, as Our Lady asked.

Not the consecration of the world, but Russia. Masonry, to the casual observer, is an innocuous group of people. It is designed by its framers to hide the truth. As a young priest studying in Rome in , St. Maximilian Kolbe saw the Masons marching in the streets saying they would control the Vatican in years. He instinctively saw a serious threat that has become an aggressive cancer to the world and the Church. Powerful and bright men knew they could not take on the Church head on because it was too big, too wealthy, too organized, and too centralized, and with too many faithful followers with a long tradition that would openly fight to preserve it.

They needed another strategy rather than a head on fight of a walled wealthy city that was not winnable under those terms. As Sun Tzu, they found another way, and they found the best way was a Trojan Horse approach using infiltration to change the narrative. You can be the judge on its success. For years, leaders in education, the media, and banking have promoted those with the same world-view as their own.

I talk about it all the time. The Council on Foreign Relations can find, nurture, and begin to put people in kinds of jobs this country needs.

Proper Catholic Perspectives - Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, osj,

And that is going to be one of the major enterprises of the Council under me. Masonry is the Deep State or the Shadow Government spoken about today on a daily basis.

It is a cabal of a like-minded and an ideologically similar group of people in a network to promote each other to a world they want to see fashioned. As Father Gladstone found out, it is organized under Secret Societies. But, first it is about easy careers. These people are placed in powerful positions that give them privilege they could never attain on their own. Its utopian fantasy goes all the way back to Plato believing the world could have a ruling class, working class, and a military class, best suiting the needs of citizenry as an ideal government.

The Rhodes Scholars were created by Cecil Rhodes to create a new ruling class, looking for a modern day Utopia. A Utopia on earth will never exist unless it is under the sovereignty of God. As long as there is Original Sin, and men who seek power, it is an illusion of the financial and political elite. That is its achilles heel. Words have meaning, and when used year after year, they often become legislated policy. Remember, all Hitler did prior to World War II was sanctioned by the German legal system that permitted his activities.

Presently in the U. Multiple dozens of entities are under each of the major media corporations. Yes, the Deep State is organized, and controlling the narrative of the press is essential.

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Weishaupt was a professor of Canon Law who adopted Masonic thinking for a new structure of the world. Under their control, Secret Societies, and specifically Masonry blossomed at this time in Europe as the young colonies across the ocean were just being formed. They saw an opportunity and took it to mold the new world to their views. The elite illumined souls believed the young colonies that comprised the new world could become the new Atlantis under their control. The French trappers and the Dutch mariners showed the British the potential of the New World, and they decided to control its destiny under men like Francis Bacon providing a plan.