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And most of the girls in here are looking for the same thing I am. Like I said, I tell them how it is, give them a good time and then the cab fare home. Thank you, good night. Finally getting through the crowd to the bar, I order two drinks. I take a moment to watch the writhing, twisting bodies melt into each other on the dance floor as the music vibrates all around. Not until this moment. Pick a word, any fucking word.

The bottom line is, for a moment, I forget how to breathe. Her hair is long and dark and shines even in the dim light of the club. Her mouth is full and lush, with lips begging to be ravished. And her eyes. Sweet fucking Christ. Her eyes are large and round and endlessly dark. I imagine those eyes looking up at me as she takes my cock into her hot little mouth. The appendage in question immediately stirs to life at the thought.

I have to have her. And what a pleasure I intend to make it. I look her over to surmise what she would be drinking. This is a talent of mine. Some people are beer drinkers, some scotch and soda, some an aged wine, others are brandy or sweet champagne. She turns to me with a raised brow, and her eyes appraise me from head to toe.

She blushes. Actually turns frigging pink in the cheeks and looks away. Who blushes anymore? So, what do you say we find someplace more comfortable.

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So we can get to know each other better? What a coincidence. Evans, Reinhart and Fisher? Did you see the widening of her eyes? That should have told me something. Smaller than what I usually go for, no more than a handful. My point is, remember that look of surprise—that will make sense later on.

Now, back to the conversation.

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We have so much in common, I say. I think we owe it to ourselves to see where this could go tonight. Now I should explain one thing here.

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No question. For me, this is working for it. Undeterred, I take her hand and kiss her knuckle, grazing it ever so slightly with my tongue. I look at how they say it. You can learn a lot about someone if you just take the time to watch the way they move, the shift of their eyes, the rise and fall of their voice.

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Doe Eyes may be telling me no. Those are not the actions of a woman who is not interested—those are the actions of a woman who does not want to be interested. I have friends who had to put themselves through business school, and the loans can be crushing. So I go for a different tactic—honesty. Even better.

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She laughs again, and our drinks arrive. She picks hers up. Thank you for the drink. I should get back to my friends now. I give her a wicked smile. Then she calls over her shoulder as she walks away, Have a good night, Mr. Like I said, I am typically an observant man. Sherlock Holmes and I, we could hang out. She called me Mr. Evans —but I never told her my last name. Remember that too. For the moment, I let the dark-haired mystery woman retreat. I intend to give her some slack, then reel her in—hook, line, and sinker. I plan to pursue her the rest of the night if I have to. There you are!

I thought I lost you. She pushes her body up against my side and rubs my arm intimately. How about we go to my place? Ah, thanks—but no thanks. Redhead has quickly become a fading memory. My sights are set on better, more intriguing prospects. This is my sister, Mandy. I told her all about you. She thought the three of us could. And just like that, my plans change.

I know, I know. But twin coasters? Yes, yes, my father and his two closest friends started the firm. What does an I-banker do, you ask? Well, you know in Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere tells Julia Roberts that his company buys up other ones and sells them off piece by piece?

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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